One Piece 875 manga/One Piece 875 discussion. The details of One Piece 875 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 875 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 875 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 875 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Nami continues to control Zeus, they perform a combination attack. Nami's weather eggs seem to have an effect on Zeus. Jinbe combats Prometheus with water Pudding... appears to have a split personality? First she has a heart and stutters when she sees Sanji and then she seems grumpy about seeing him? Chopper and Brook are in the submarine heading for the Sunny. On the way there, they see a merman doing something (idk what that is). Near the end of the chapter they emerge from the submarine to be surrounded by Perospero and his group. Chopper starts to ready countermeasures to retrieve the Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 11

This is Page 11 of One Piece 875. This arc for him was character progression for him in dealing with his past and finally having it chain him down. He's being freed from his trauma and character progression tends to lead to power-ups. He'd likely gain a power-up either here or in wano. Actually, I like this thought. I don't know why nobody mentioned it.

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Looks like it's possible that mama would lose not only zeus and jinbei, but katakuri also. Perfect time, to leave big mom, as we saw earlier katakuri foresaw luffy's potential, so it could be a reason for his betrayal. From another point of view, too much betrayal on a square meter. If katakuri wants to fight - the only way to escape is to grab everybody and fly away on zeus, leaving sunny behind, because it would be really strange if the great fleet of big mom also won't succeed in sinking sunny, even if the team will escape. The chapter had some interesting developments but it seems more like parts of this chapter belonged in the last chapter. Almost as if someone is deliberately adding dramatic panels instead of finishing the arc.

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