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One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 17

This is Page 17 of One Piece 875. As always I enjoyed this chapter but I have to admit that I'm not very happy about how oda is carrying out the current story line. Don't get me wrong, I love this arc because of its large variety of quirky characters, the bizarre appearance of the surroundings, its references to other stories or sanji's backstory. 

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Whole cake island is an arc where oda can use his endless creativity to its best use. However, since the explosion of the tametebako, I really hate to say this but I gotta confess that I'm slowly starting to lose my interest in this island and its plot. What is bothering me a little is the way how oda was dealing with the escape so far because it wasn't exactly what I expected. To be honest, I thought that the big mom members would be busy enough to fight off mama's tantrum while the strawhats use this as a chance to escape. Of course it's good to see how well-structured the big mom pirates are dealing with unexpected circumstances like that. Otherwise it would be pathetic for a crew of a yonkou if they can't handle such situations.

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