One Piece 875 manga/One Piece 875 discussion. The details of One Piece 875 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 875 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 875 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 875 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Nami continues to control Zeus, they perform a combination attack. Nami's weather eggs seem to have an effect on Zeus. Jinbe combats Prometheus with water Pudding... appears to have a split personality? First she has a heart and stutters when she sees Sanji and then she seems grumpy about seeing him? Chopper and Brook are in the submarine heading for the Sunny. On the way there, they see a merman doing something (idk what that is). Near the end of the chapter they emerge from the submarine to be surrounded by Perospero and his group. Chopper starts to ready countermeasures to retrieve the Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 5

This is Page 5 of One Piece 875. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't find it terribly ridiculous for zeus to betray mama for delicious food. He's acting exactly like her, and he's her clone, possibly from her youth, right? So he's more simpletonish than, say, napoleon, who appears to be smarter and from her more intelligent years. Which is also a good point to show that her frenzy for cake will be what ultimately gets her off the straw hat's back, for a little bit. 

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I just don't see any solution I can appreciate from this arc anymore. Everything about it continues to unravel. Oda seems to have lost his touch with me on resolving his plot points in a sensible time frame. We're still worlds away from a dressrosa arc, but these slow chapters interspersed between breaks just kills the pacing and drags this out another week. I can remember reading arcs where this happened for me. I wanted enel to go down so hard, and yet he just kept on going for quite some time. But at least oda wasn't making him out to be a complete idiot while he did it.

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