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One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 9

This is Page 9 of One Piece 875. Oda should never have let the elder vinsmokes live. They just needed to have luffy wrap reiju up in his arms like he's done with several other women already and kidnap her, leaving big mom to give judge and his evil spawn what they deserve. Instead we're getting the pudding see-saw treatment. Again. 

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I'm going to put my faith in oda one last time and hope he's actually going to compromise somehow with pudding's "Development" and say she doesn't really know what she wants from living under everyone else's expectations. So she decides to leave like lola did in search of her own identity. She'd need to, the girl's not consistent for longer than two panels. The only time her personality seemed coherent was when we got her internal monologues with sanji before the ceremony.

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