One Piece 875 manga/One Piece 875 discussion. The details of One Piece 875 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 875 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 875 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 875 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Nami continues to control Zeus, they perform a combination attack. Nami's weather eggs seem to have an effect on Zeus. Jinbe combats Prometheus with water Pudding... appears to have a split personality? First she has a heart and stutters when she sees Sanji and then she seems grumpy about seeing him? Chopper and Brook are in the submarine heading for the Sunny. On the way there, they see a merman doing something (idk what that is). Near the end of the chapter they emerge from the submarine to be surrounded by Perospero and his group. Chopper starts to ready countermeasures to retrieve the Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 12

This is Page 12 of One Piece 875. However Zeus will be used to defeat big mom crew/army very happy for nami best panel/part of chapter is when luffy asks nami "What is she gonna do". Like he so had no faith in her. I laughed for so long, dogtooth on the sunny is a problem, if king baum can defect so can others. Chopper n mvp brooke getting to sunny will be cool if dogtooth is there. Somebody please just shoot pudding. 

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We always presumed the trio was just stronger than regular homies and attached to big mom, but maybe they are a double-edged sword and can act quite independent from her. Interesting and weird chapter big mam and her elbaf obsession continues,zeus is definitely a piece of big mams soul that gluttony & blind giddiness for food. Clouds? I hope he survives this arc. I wonder how they would "Chase" katakuri from the sunny,damn 10k sounds a bit overkill than again a yonkou does everything over the top cannot wait for next chapter so close to wrap this arc so close.

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