One Piece 875 manga/One Piece 875 discussion. The details of One Piece 875 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 875 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 875 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 875 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Nami continues to control Zeus, they perform a combination attack. Nami's weather eggs seem to have an effect on Zeus. Jinbe combats Prometheus with water Pudding... appears to have a split personality? First she has a heart and stutters when she sees Sanji and then she seems grumpy about seeing him? Chopper and Brook are in the submarine heading for the Sunny. On the way there, they see a merman doing something (idk what that is). Near the end of the chapter they emerge from the submarine to be surrounded by Perospero and his group. Chopper starts to ready countermeasures to retrieve the Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 19

This is Page 19 of One Piece 875. Interesting turn of events. Zeus switching sides was something that nobody could've predicted. It also doesn't make much sense. Why would zeus suddenly abandon big mom for some food? Was his loyalty that weak? Can he even abandon big mom since he's part of big mom's soul. It looks like zeus is the more reasonable one out of the duo, but abandoning your crew for some food still sounds ridiculous. It's still not confirmed whether he'll actually join the crew or not guess we'll have to wait and see. He's one of the weirdest things we've seen so far, so he's definitely straw hat material. 

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Katakuri is waiting for the straw hats at their ship "In case they managed to escape from big mom". They also have thousands of soldiers ready to attack. Honestly I don't see the point of waiting for them at their ship and having thousands of soldiers ready to attack them instead of just destroying their straw hatip. Maybe they just want the straw hatip for themselves but it still doesn't seem like a smart decision. I would love to see luffy vs katakuri. But since luffy is exhausted right now, I'm pretty sure the battle will be one sided, And wait, katakuri is less popular that bear from law's crew. How the heck is that even possible. It's rigged people, the polls are rigged.

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