One Piece 875 manga/One Piece 875 discussion. The details of One Piece 875 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 875 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 875 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 875 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Nami continues to control Zeus, they perform a combination attack. Nami's weather eggs seem to have an effect on Zeus. Jinbe combats Prometheus with water Pudding... appears to have a split personality? First she has a heart and stutters when she sees Sanji and then she seems grumpy about seeing him? Chopper and Brook are in the submarine heading for the Sunny. On the way there, they see a merman doing something (idk what that is). Near the end of the chapter they emerge from the submarine to be surrounded by Perospero and his group. Chopper starts to ready countermeasures to retrieve the Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 875 - Page 2

This is Page 2 of One Piece 875. Personally I think she would join because the crew needs more women and because unlike robin and nami she is a character which has just started to develop whereas the latter two are well established by now. On a meta level, pudding would complete the budhist/hindu goddess theme he set for the sh females. Nami wields elements and supernatural tools, robin has the arms and the knowledge and pudding has the third eye and the swings between love and destruction. 

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If this chapter has proven anything, it's proven that the shs can get out of here with win and a big mom defeat. Zeus moving over to nami's said makes sense for 2 reasons: Big mom has an affinity for food, therefore, it makes sense that zeus would be too assuming this is based of her nature. And then you have the relation between negatively and positively charged clouds which is an actual thing. Then there's the argument zeus betraying big mom is synonymous with zeus betraying herself, I don't think so. Look at big mom's personality and zeus or prometheus', they're different. All her soul or souls seemingly do is animate things and each have a personality of their own.

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