such One Piece Chapter 879 brought back the hype! I'm still inconclusive on pedro's death, not fully sure what oda was going for in those panels where we see a figure emerge from the dust somewhat, and nami thinks its pedro. There's also luffy saying "We could never face pedro again", but perhaps that's a bad translation. Big mom seems to be effectively stalled now regardless, between being blown off the sunny and the sunny itself getting a pretty considerable distance away from her now. I'm not sure if I can get hype for luffy vs. Katakuri. This effectively sets up practically another climax for the arc, and people are still somehow convinced that we're gonna fit the reverie and wano in before the end of the year. Katakuri is way too much of a heavyweight for his fight with luffy to be settled in anything less than 6-8 chapters. You also have the cake preparation, and hopefully some kind of redeeming moments for sanji with some form of a fight. If just baking the cake is supposed to be his big payoff this arc. I will let the sanji haters have at him from this point on. Then there's still the whole resolution of big mom eating the cake and the falling action of the arc.

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such This is Page 1 of One Piece 879. I'm loving where the arc is going now. It looks like the endgame fight of the totto land saga will be luffy vs katakuri! One of the first things that came to my mind when I thought of that fight? Another similarity to the cp9 saga. We had a straw hat's past revealed, and luffy beating a major foe before the real battles began. And now another similarity--luffy's ultimate opponent in this arc is the right-hand man of the main villain.  Now, can we see the other charlotte family members fight the straw hats? Please? And on that note, I'm sure the peros club is happy that he's alive. Who's happy? And I'm still hoping thay pedro will be the driving force that will lead carrot into being a straw hat!

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Chapter 879 is titled "The Plan". Luffy will engage Katakuri in gear second. Luffy's plan is to stall for time to give Sanji time to bake the cake. Meanwhile Sunny lands somewhere in the midst of Tottland's sea, Jinbe is astounded by the flying ship, Brook Chopper and Nami try to calm down Carrot that is upset over Pedro's assumed death. Sanji's team appear and they are setting up the ingredients and the necessary tools to bake the cake, suddenly Bobbin appears.

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Locking them in the mirror world essentially guarantees that only the winner gets to walk away. That's what throws me off about the fight, it doesn't tie in timeline wise with the notion that the arc should be ending soon. This should be a serious fight where luffy has to really go all out, so it shouldn't be short. Just hope the fight is done justice regardless.  Also hoping that sanji does something epic, I've waited since he got jobbed by doflamingo for sanji to get a true shining moment, please don't let it be him baking a cake alone. It will be interesting to see what luffy comes up with in the fight as the only helpful tool, liquid, in escaping from katakuri doesn't appear to be readily available in mirror world. I am hoping that katakuri ends up explaining that he has an awakened ability, which luffy gets to learn more from.  As luffy did with cp-9, I expect the more he can encounter enemies of this type that he learns how to awaken his own.  So far I would think that his resulting ability would be similar to doflamingo, being able to convert his surroundings.  If luffy would be able to do such a thing he would then be able to gain more speed, bouncing off other rubber objects, as well as making the ground bouncy for his opponent.

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