such One Piece Chapter 879 brought back the hype! I'm still inconclusive on pedro's death, not fully sure what oda was going for in those panels where we see a figure emerge from the dust somewhat, and nami thinks its pedro. There's also luffy saying "We could never face pedro again", but perhaps that's a bad translation. Big mom seems to be effectively stalled now regardless, between being blown off the sunny and the sunny itself getting a pretty considerable distance away from her now. I'm not sure if I can get hype for luffy vs. Katakuri. This effectively sets up practically another climax for the arc, and people are still somehow convinced that we're gonna fit the reverie and wano in before the end of the year. Katakuri is way too much of a heavyweight for his fight with luffy to be settled in anything less than 6-8 chapters. You also have the cake preparation, and hopefully some kind of redeeming moments for sanji with some form of a fight. If just baking the cake is supposed to be his big payoff this arc. I will let the sanji haters have at him from this point on. Then there's still the whole resolution of big mom eating the cake and the falling action of the arc.

Nozel silva

Nozel silva 「nozeru shiruva」 is a nobleman and the oldest son of the clover kingdom's ruling family, house silva. He is also the captain of the silver eagle squad of the magic knights. Nozel silva is a slender man with fair skin, narrow eyes, and small eyebrows.

He has pale, silver-white hair worn in a very distinctive style that is occasionally remarked upon by other characters. Kept long and straight at the lower back, the top and upper side portions of his hair are heavily styled and swept back into long spiky fringe. His long bangs are styled into a braid that hangs between his eyes and down to the tip of the nose, where a small cross-shaped pendant is attached.

Nozel wears the same style of clothing as the rest of his siblings - a loose fitting shirt with a high collar that is kept closed at the top by a gold band, but is left open below to expose his collar bone. He also wears loose pants, with tight bands just below the knee, and flimsy sandals. In addition, nozel wears the typical robe of his order, the silver eagles. This robe consists of a short, fur mantle with longer, frilled panels that hang down to the elbow. Like other orders, their squad insignia is placed on the left hand side. Nozel's mantle also has an attached robe that is long enough to reach nearly to his feet. His grimoire case is positioned on his left hip.

Nozel likes order and roasted duck.

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