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Irina Jelavić

Irina jelavić is the english teacher of class 3-e of kunugigaoka junior high school and a professional hitwoman hired by the government to assassinate korosensei. She is of serbian descent.

Irina is a tall, beautiful young woman. She has long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and fair skin. With an ample bust and a curvy physique, she has a very seductive body that she utilize to seduce and manipulate her assassination targets in order to achieve her goal. Irina is usually seen in high brands and fashionable clothing which emphasizes her flattering form. This often causes karasuma to reprimand her for wearing "Inappropriate" clothing for a teacher. After the events of the god of death arc, she switches to a much more conservative apparel, which consists in a turtleneck sweater and a long black skirt. Despite her life experiences and mature appearance she's revealed to be only 20 years old, much to the surprise of her students.

Infiltration: as an infiltration assassin, irina is considered second to none. She is able to charm her way into her target's inner circles, penetrating the highest security and killing them when they're alone at point-blank range with little difficulty. Irina is seen to be able to adopt different personalities in order to infiltrate into the various situations her missions put her through. Planning: after her seduction techniques, this is considered to be one of her greatest talents. She elaborates detailed plans completely on her own, with backups for any complication that might arise, thus giving her target no chance of survival. Linguistics: irina is extremely skilled in conversational abilities, being fluent in 10 different languages. Through these skills combined with her infiltration abilities, irina is able to extract information from her targets. Martial arts competence/weaponry master: being an assassin, irina shows considerable expertise with handling weapons such as firearms and melee weapons. She's also shown her abilities with setting up complex trigger traps when attempting to kill korosensei. She is shown to be skilled in martial arts but since she's an assassin and not a combatant, she's severely under-skilled when compared to more prominent fighters in the series, such as karasuma. Other abilities: irina has been shown to be able to play the piano at a concert-performer level with ease while still being able to draw people's attention through minuscule body movements. She is also an expert negotiator.

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