One Piece 874 manga/One Piece 874 discussion. The details of One Piece 874 english scans, which is updated regularly. Keep visiting One Piece 874 manga page and homepage for the latest releases of One Piece 874 chapter scans, Read the latest update of One Piece 874 spoiler here. You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to our FaceBook and Twitter Page! Sanji has more reason than a "Woman's tears" to cook this cake. If you remember baratie, you'd remember this is the guy who fed a dangerous pirate(don krieg) simply because he could not stand watching a person starve. It didn't matter to him that he was doing a very dangerous thing by making him fit and well-fed once more. There are parallels here. In that one, nami had run away with merry but she's here now but both zoro and usopp left in the middle of the fight. Others might hesitate to feed big mom but sanji won't even if the vinsmokes, the firetanks and all others do. But if a lucid big mom threatens anyone, he won't stay quiet. There is no way bigmom will just simply return back to perespero when she found out strawhats didn't steal the cake. She will definitely tries to annihilate them for destroying the cake. So some one will appear to protect strawhats?, its a obvious thing. So its not gonna happen this time. Actually the last panel of the chapter was so intense. I think this time nami is going to do something in the seducing woods. "That is why that forest was mentioned once again" even though lot of homies there in the woods, nami gonna use some of her new abilities to hide strawhats and more importantly original bigmom (lola's father) is still there in that woods that's goin to be the turning point!

One Piece 873 Recap And Whole Cake Island Arc Ending

Probable scenario. Fleeing strawhats, pursuing bigmom enraged fleet and jinbe in the sea water.

The mentioned scenario may not happen at all if bigmom really goes into monster monster mode at whole cake island. Or if "Sanji cooks for bigmom" or "Chopper cures bigmom" scenarios take place. But if not, and if the bigmom crew follows the strawhats into the sea, do you think jinbe in his elements can move the sea to hold back the entire enemy fleet?  Bigmom can just create a storm, and it will be nami to be the one that saves them, by her awesome navigation.

Did katakuri forsee?

I thought it would be cool to analyze katakuri's clairvoyance haki and try to match them up with his actions. We may not know if he is constantly seeing the future that would be so confusing for him but for this discussion let's just assume every action he takes successful or not follows from him seeing the future.

For example, last chapter it seems that katakuri told daifuku to create two squads and then search for the strawhats and fire tank pirates. Why didn't he just do it himself? He didn't tell capone to kill that underworld traitor, he did it. He didn't tell anyone to fight the entire strawhat alliance. He didn't scream like smoothie for someone to stop the missiles. He didn't wait for someone to make or find earplugs. Secondly, why did he ask daifuku to arrange the capture squads? Why not mont dor who we know, along with galette and amande, runs with an entire army? Or perospero, who has great portrayal and ranking among the bigmom pirates? Or even smoothie, who is a fellow sweet commander? Thirdly, why would oda choose to make this scene and then show us crazy bigmom right after along with smoothie? It seems to me like katakuri is excluding himself, and oda is possibly excluding smoothie, from participating in the strawhats capture this arc. Why?

I think katakuri foresaw bigmom's rampage and he knows that he and smoothie will be needed maybe along with streusen, perospero and mont dor whose books would be useful to keep bigmom' from targeting people to minimize the damages bigmom' causes!

What do you guys think about this? Also feel free to post your own analyses about any moments you think katakuri may have foresaw something!

Will we see Big Mom vs Kaido?

I'm starting to believe we may see big mom vs kaido in the wano arc. Big mom is obviously not going to be defeated this arc, but she also isn't going to just let the strawhats escape. Luffy told big mom of his plans against kaido and even oda himself has said he hasn't figured out yet how luffy will beat kaido. Maybe big mom will see luffy, and the massive alliance he's bringing together to take on kaido as an opportunity for herself to defeat kaido. Maybe she believes kaido will be weakened enough from the massive battle for her and her crew to take him out. Kaido will initially defeat luffy and the alliance after a hard fought battle then big mom and her crew will swoop in and put up a great fight as well, but they too will be unable to take down kaido and retreat. By this time luffy and others have had time to rest and luffy uses gear 4th and awakening to finally defeat kaido. Big mom will be even more furious at luffy now because he crashed the wedding party and defeated kaido at her expense. She will destroy fishman island and her and luffy will have their final showdown at elbaf. 

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