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Manami Okuda

Manami okuda is a student in class 3-e of kunugigaoka junior high school, taught by korosensei.

Manami has black hair, styled into twin braids that reach just below her shoulder and brown eyes (lavender in the anime). She wears glasses and has a more petite frame than most of the girls in class 3-e. Seven years after graduating class 3-e, her hair is styled into a single braid, which rested over her left shoulder, instead of her usual twin braids.

Poison making/chemistry: despite the fact that she states that she isn't really good with surprise attacks and expressing things in language, okuda excels in chemistry and mathematics and is very capable of making even the most deadliest of poisons for various situations. Science: okuda has a talent with this subject and after learning to incorporate literature into it, she has become even better at it. This has proven useful as she is later able to decipher the complex technical jargon and translate it for the rest of the class to understand. She's also ranked first in the school for the subject.

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