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Tomohito Sugino

Tomohito sugino is a student in korosensei's class 3-e of kunugigaoka junior high school and one of nagisa's best friends. Sugino has the generic short, spiked black hair for male sh┼Źnen characters and dark blue eyes. Out of all of the males in his class, he has the most normal design.

Sugino is an energetic boy with a love for baseball. He's a very happy and friendly person and gets along with his classmates well. Before he was transferred to class-e, sugino was a member of the school's baseball club. However, due to his relatively slow pitches frequently getting batted, he was removed from the regular line up of his club. Because he was moved down, he had no motivation to study and thus got moved to class-e.

Knifework: sugino is the third best for knifework on the boys' side (and class 3-e as a whole). Baseball: sugino admitted that he has a slow pitch and compared to professional baseball pitcher arita, his muscle configuration isn't so good. However, he has a very malleable wrist and elbow which allows him to change a ball's speed with various pitches. He uses this ability in combat by throwing rocks against craig houjou, in part of the class's hit-and-run tactics against the 'divine soldier'.

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