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Nebra silva

Nebra silva 「nebura shiruva」 is the first daughter of the clover kingdom's ruling family, house silva. She is also a member of the silver eagle squad of the magic knights. Nebra is a tall, slender woman with the narrow, pointed features prominent in the other silvas and pink eyes.

Her silver-white hair is slightly wavy and is left loose at the lower back while the sides and top are swept back in tousled spikes. Her bangs are combed to a point on her forehead. Like her siblings, she wears loose-fitting top with a high collar that is held in place by a gold band. Beneath the longer, light tunic, she wears a darker, flowing skirt that is angled so that one side is lower than the other.

She also wears strappy, flat-heeled sandals. Nebra has an unpleasant personality that is brimming with over-confidence. She is quick to judge and laugh at others, and enjoys using her magic abilities to toy with her enemies. She looks down on other people and derives pleasure from belittling those she finds unworthy. Like solid and nozel, she shows blatant disregard for her younger sister, noelle, and took part in attempting to humiliate her in the reception after the valor ceremony. 

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