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Noelle silva

Noelle silva 「noelle is a 15-year-old girl with a slender build and pink eyes. Her silver-colored hair is in pigtails, bangs hanging over her forehead. Additionally, she wears a pair of purple stud earrings with a three-leaf clover shape and a silver bracelet on her left wrist. She wears a sleeveless, backless, short purple dress covered by a silver-colored blazer.

The blazer has a backless design with sleeves attached at the back and extends slightly beyond her elbows with gold-colored cuff. The blazer also has a pair of flower-shaped pins attached to it around her collarbones area. Additionally, the blazer has frilly edges and a rounded tailcoat that extends down to her knees. Furthermore, the blazer extends up to her neck where it has frilly edges and is held together by a gold locket. She wears a brown leather belt that supports her pouch, which has a similar color and gold ornaments at its corners, where she puts her grimoire.

She also wears a pair of silver-colored leg warmers with a gold-colored cuffs at both ends and a pair of sandals. As a member of the black bull squad, noelle wears her black squad robe, which is short with gold trimming, looks like a mantle with a hood. It has a gold-colored button to hold it together at the right-hand side. The robe also displays her squad's insignia on the left-hand side. When noelle was young, she sports a braided pigtail hairstyle on the sides of her head. Her attire also has a heavy resemblance to her current attire.Noeru shiruva」 is a member of the black bull squad and is inducted to the squad around the same time as asta. She is also the second daughter of the clover kingdom's ruling family, house silva.

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