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Do you guys think Pudding altered Big Mom's memories regarding Mother Carmel?

When Big Mom was eating that Croqumebouche she wasn't in a rage state like she was in last week's chapter or earlier in this arc, She looked completely happy and that she had an amazing time, so I really doubt she would of eaten Mother Carmel and the kids if she was in a normal happy state. What I think could of happened was that Big Mom had her traumatic memories of her eating Carmel and the children deleted by Pudding and instead changed to these. Maybe bigmom told her at one point, the only child to know, Or Pudding somehow snuck inside her room and changed her memories, so many possibilities out of this one big puzzle piece. What do you guys think? Could this be a possibility? And If you disagree, also share your thoughts please!

Possibly, if when Big Mom is into food rage mode everything she experiences is removed or blocked away, it could be possible for Pudding to reconnect all those removed memories, making Big Mom remember everything she did while she was raging.

Though, that could be very traumatizing for Big Mom, suddently remembering of all the people she hurt, all the places she destroyed, remembering when she destroyed the village of the giants, when she (maybe but very likely) ate Carmel and her friends, also when she killed Moscato and maybe also other of her children. The shock from remembering all that at once may break her, or make her go into a new version of her rage mode, something which can't be stopped with food. 

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