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Aguri Yukimura

Aguri yukimura is the former teacher of class 3-e and the late older sister of akari yukimura. Aguri has short black hair with bangs that go past her eyes, framing her face. She has a large bust as it was shown when her sister felt some jealousy of her genes. Aguri is known for her unusual fashion sense as it was noted by the original god of death and many other people including her students from class 3-e.

Aguri is shown to be cheerful, clear-minded, and passionate when it comes to teaching. As a teacher of class 3-e she is quite intelligent, being able to teach any subject in spite of chemistry being her first preference. She is also hard-working, having been essentially forced to work as a lab assistant to her abusive fiancé during night hours. Aguri is also very perceptive. When the original god of death wondered why his apprentice betrayed him, aguri replied that his apprentice might have wanted his master to "See him", a perception later proved to be tragically prophetic. She is known for her odd sense of fashion which often leaves others dumbfounded. Despite that she is remembered very highly by those who knew her and continues to make an impact in their lives.

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