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Tōka Yada

Tōka yada is a student in korosensei's class 3-e in kunugigaoka junior high school. Yada has dark brown hair (mid-brown in the anime) held up in a ponytail and presumably dark brown eyes (light purple in the anime). She also has the largest bust out of all the female students in class e.

She is the big sister of class 3-e and one of the most enthusiastic students about learning the art of infiltration from irina. She's been described as being adult-like and cool to the point that kayano admits that she's attracted to her despite her huge bust.

Knifework: she has the third best knifework on the girls side, along with hinano kurahashi and rinka hayami. Infiltration: as one of the more enthusiastic students in terms of irina's lessons, yada has gained notable skill in grifting as shown in chapter 66, when she successfully drove away two guys by pretending to be a mafia princess. Negotiation: thanks to irina's lessons, yada has become a skilled negotiator, and she's usually relied on by the class for the task.

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